The list of iconic Caribbean yacht charter destinations is virtually endless: visit the Leeward Islands with their luscious rainforests, Havana has a rich history and vibrant nightlife and the pristine Virgin Islands are ideal for spectacular diving. Take a peaceful walk on the pink-sand beaches of Barbados, dance to reggae rhythms in Jamaica or hike in beautiful volcanic Martinique. Whether you are looking for a dazzling New Year yacht charter celebration in St Barths or a more relaxing exploration in the Grenadine Islands or the Bahamas, the very best of the Caribbean is yours to explore with Three'b Yachting.

Dive into the clear waters with a « ti punch » to familiarize you in the local culture. Embark in Abacos, the Bahamas to discover its magnificent coral reefs and its deserted island.

Go down on the Saints, where one of the most beautiful bay of the world assures you a total change of scenery. A magic decoration with in the background La Soufriere, the sleepy volcano. Transit obligatory in the famous anchorage of the “Pain du Sucre”, and tasting the “Tourments d’Amour”.

The Caribbean enjoys year-round sunshine and average temperatures ranging between 24°C (75°F) and 32°C (90°F) making it a hugely popular destination for yacht charters. The climate on most of the islands is tropical, but moderated to a certain extent by the prevailing northeast trade winds although they are often warm and moist. The water temperatures vary from 22 °C (72 °F) to 31 °C (88 °F).

Although the temperatures are warm all year round there is a wet season from May-October, so the best time to charter these beautiful islands is generally December - April.





Just a short cruise from Florida with picture-postcard scenery and few visa restrictions, the Bahamas are a very popular yacht charter choice. The area includes three distinct island chains, each offering a unique window into island life, world-class fishing and spectacular diving. To the very north lie the Abaco Islands, rich with the visual and cultural flavour of former British colonial life. The central Bahamas including the Berry Islands and New Providence are brimming with onshore entertainment, including casinos, nightclubs and restaurants. The lower Bahamas including the remote Exumas remain an idyllic and charming retreat for your yacht charter.





Just a short flight from the US and with great connections to Europe, the Greater Antilles are a fantastic yacht charter option for those looking to try this increasingly popular group of islands. Cuba is one of the hottest tickets for a yacht charter right now, while Jamaica’s friendly locals and natural wonders are drawing a growing fan club. Puerto Rico’s storied past of pirates and plantations have a rich history, and the Dominican Republic offers a winning combination of luxury entertainment alongside stunning aquatic nature. A Greater Antilles yacht charter will not disappoint.